Optimize your output at each phase of anaerobic digestion.

Consistently produce the needed energy and power to ensure a viable investment, guaranteed. Our proven services can help you design and develop your optimal systems, manage compliant supply of your substrates, and operate your systems with certified personnel and state-of-the-art monitoring and automation.

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Digester Development

Through years of hands-on experience operating all types of digesters, developing and patenting systems for co-digestion, and conducting extensive studies for the California Energy Commission and Fortune 100 companies, OSM has the resources, experience, and knowledge to get your development project off the ground and ensure its success.

We guarantee results!

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Organic Waste Management

We are a leader in co-digestion and utilize our years of hands-on experience, knowledge, and resources to solve your digester substrate challenges. We make the connections you need and identify the best matches for your system and current substrates, as well as work within your regulatory guidelines for nutrient management, air emissions, and material handling constraints of the site.

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Turnkey Operations

We provide a menu of digester, effluent management, and water treatment services, including:  professionally-certified operation, maintenance, laboratory analysis, facility upgrades, and compliance consulting. We have over 20 years of experience operating, re-engineering and evaluating all types of anaerobic digester systems and designs in the Agricultural, Food Manufacturing and Municipal Waste Treatment industries. OSM’s programs are unique in that we understand the customer needs and guarantee your results.

We guarantee results!

See what you can achieve via our free assessment.

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