Substrate Management with Organic Solution Management

Many anaerobic digesters in the United States are underperforming. Organic Solution Management (OSM) has a proven track record of turning an underperforming system into one that produces the needed energy and power to ensure a viable investment.

OSM is a leader in understanding co-digestion. Through years of hands-on experience operating all types of digesters, developing and patenting systems for co-digestion and extensive studies for the California Energy Commission and Fortune 100 companies, OSM has the resources, experience and knowledge to solve your digester feed stock problem. OSM successfully makes the connections you need.

OSM can identify the best matches that work with your system and current feed stocks, as well as work within your regulatory guidelines for nutrient management, air emissions and material handling constraints of the site.

Negotiating the most beneficial rates is our specialty. We take the difficulty and challenge of securing and managing large complex generators, transportation and logistics issues, contracting, environment compliance, insurance and risk management out of your court and provide a turnkey solution to producing more energy.

Consider these issues Organic Solution Management resolves:

  • Understanding market rates to negotiate profitable contracts
  • Coordinating local and regional partnerships to reduce distance and cost
  • Matching feedstock composition with recipe for digester for optimal production
  • Managing the source of feedstock, delivery logistics and liability issues
  • Environmental compliance, analytic testing
  • Economic viability of feed stocks and water management
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Organic Solution Management

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