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With more than 50 combined years of experience in chemical, waste water and environmental management, OSM is well prepared to bring innovative and profitable green technology to organizations like yours. Anaerobic Digester Owners and Bio-Waste Suppliers can count on our expertise to bridge information and resource gaps and to create management systems that transform organic by-products from waste into a source of renewable energy. Our systems are good for business, good for communities, and good for the environment.


Chris Pierce, Co-Founder

Chris Pierce has more than 25 years experience in chemical and environmental management since receiving a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Biology from Ball State University. Chris is skilled in developing innovative strategies to address and manage waste streams generated by a variety of industries, manufacturing sites and industrial farm operations, maximizing profits for shareholders and customers.He is able to bring insight from the business perspective of waste management as well as the environmental perspective. Formerly, as WM Managing Director of Organic Growth Group, Chris led the unit focused on identifying and developing internal growth opportunities related to environmental, recycling and renewable energy technologies and business platforms.Chris served as advisor of sustainability and renewable energy for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He currently serves as sustainability and renewable energy advisor for The Innovation Center for the U.S. Dairy. As the co-founder of a national organic recycling and renewable energy program, Chris stays on the cutting edge of developments in the industry sharing knowledge of the past and advances through the years as a Dairy Innovation Group Advisor.Chris focuses on environmental solutions that make economic sense and he leads Organic Solution Management with the belief that good solutions benefit everyone.

John D. Brenan, Co-Founder

John Brenan has more than 30 years of experience in chemical and environmental management since receiving an Engineering degree from Purdue University. Through years as a business owner, entrepreneur, and senior executive, John understands environmental management issues and has considerable expertise in all areas of water and wastewater facilities, including permitting, financing, design, construction, and operations.
Prior to Organic Solution Management, John held senior management and board responsibilities for a global leader in the specialty chemicals and waste water business.  He had corporate level environmental responsibility for compliance and operations in Chrysler Corporation. John holds numerous patents on renewable energy systems and chemical processes.
As a client of Organic Solution Management, you get the benefit of his knowledge of the environmental field as it has development over three decades. Modernization and improvement have been continual goals in the environmental field and John brings that outlook to you and the programs you need.

Dan Hibler, PE, Director of Engineering

Dan has 35 years in Industrial Engineering, Industrial Water and Waste Water Treatment System Design. Dan has overseen the implementation and operations of many customized system in the food and beverage industry. Dan has a proven track record of solving waste and wastewater management issues where others could not. Dan is responsible for millions of dollars of savings to our customers through the use of innovative automation and equipment designs. Dan received his BS Mechanical Engineering from University South California

Richard Lawson, Director of Waste Water Technology

40 Years experience in Water, Municipal Waste Water Treatment and Food Manufacturing markets. Richard has used his knowledge and experience as a innovative chemical formulator who can solve tough problems with a combination of creative chemical formulations and equipment design. Richard along with the OSM team has realized millions dollars of savings and improved compliance for our customers. Richard received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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